My setup

Hi, I'm Eduardo Silva Alexandrópulos, I'm blowing this instrument for a time.

I started with an alto saxophone, but I has it only a short time; I needed to perfom a little job of making wooden pictures portraits, I got the help of a very good friend Alvaro Lagos in this. With this little help plus some spared money I reached finally my first sax (a Weril).

My goal was to have a sopran, so after a little time I sold it [of course a little higer than I was bought it (LOL)] and I order a soprano. I become my bran-new soprano [Hermes], it was my mate for some years. Then I started to take classes with a great sax player and composer: Cristián Crisosto [in that time he was part of the group called Fulano, a Chilean jazz-fusión group, today he is part of another team called Media Banda (look at the link page)]. After another time I perceived that the brand-new soprano was not so good, so decided to sell the nobel instrument and order something more professional, then I receive my Conn from 1923 app., he was my mate for many years, but recently I changed it for a Selmer. In the meanwhile I wanted to take a deep breath in jazz music so I started to take lessons with the spectacular sax player Marcos Aldana.


My current setup is :

Sopran: Selmer Serie III, dukoff D10 with a Rovner ligature and reeds Vandoren Java 3

Tenor: Hohner President, unknown mouthpiece and reeds Java 3 or Gonzales

I also have been playing Didgeridoo for some time, I get it from autralia a luthier named Takamurra. I must say that developing a good breathing/blowing for the didj helps a lot in playing the sax.

I know that a good and clean tecnic is very important and also classical studies helps in a great manner, but my focal point is trying to construct good phrasses. I'm still studing scales, intervals, etc. but one of the most important points for me is to learn to 'speak' with the saxophone, transpose scores, and play with the head an heart.

Ok, sorry I'm borried to write an read my own words... so I'm going to play...